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I know you are tired of submitting resume after resume only to hear CRICKETS… You’re sending your resume to multiple companies a week and no one is calling you back.

Interviewing is not something you have had to do in a long time so you don’t know what the hiring managers are looking for. Your resume is cluttered, out dated, and does not properly represent your skill-set. You want to submit that one resume that you have worked so hard to craft over to each and every role that you are interested in or feel that you qualify for. However, no one is valuing your resume and skill-set enough to call you back.


What if you had someone to complete a Resume Analysis for you?

“Let Freedom Ring”

Imagine what it would feel like to have interviews lined up for an entire week. You would feel worthy, accomplished, wanted, like you have the power to choose! You finally don’t have to remain in that position that you out grew so many months and years ago! You are ready to work at your dream job in your dream role!

I can remember receiving resumes from job applicants and thinking to myself, “Why didn’t she have someone review this before submitting this over to me.” or “This resume has nothing to do with the job I posted and what I am looking for.” I would get resumes with grammatical errors, horrible templates, incorrect contact information, and so much more. You name it, I got it.

I hated seeing people fail at the simple things. I began to turn my interviews into brief coaching sessions in the last 15 minutes of the session. Some how I had began to feel compelled to help that person in front of me succeed. If they were not good enough for my role, I wanted to let her know what it was that she needed to do differently to succeed in the future. I began to coach from head to toe.  I would tell her everything that she should do differently with her attire, actions, answers, resume, all of it. I wanted her to know that she was her own BRAND.

Working for the countries largest and number 1 staffing firm prepared me with the Knowledge, Skill-Set, and Training to help others be successful in getting Interview Call Backs after submitting their resume. I have analyzed, corrected, and managed hundreds of resumes and I understand the demands of todays job market.


“I have been knowing Terlisha Cooper for over 10 years. She has the passion and drive to take her profession and others to the next level. She is organized, efficient and extremely competent with excellent rapport with people of all ages. Her communication skills are excellent no matter if you are talking about verbal or written.

Terlisha has worked in different types of jobs as well and hence better knows about varieties in the business world. Her most important quality is that she is always up to date on what’s HOT and what’s NOT in today’s career movement.

If you are ready to take your career to the next level, be challenged and think outside the box; Terlisha Cooper is your best mentor.”

Wendi H.

Project Coordinator


Terlisha has been an amazing career resource! Keeping abreast with interviewing techniques. Providing tips on body language during the interview process. Examining my resume: tailoring it to fit the current job market, my career experience along with highlighting my character. She has always presented herself with knowledge, passion and most importantly professionalism”

    DeShawn J.

    Multi-Line Insurance Rep

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