30 Days With Tea

Are you considering entering the job market and are not quite sure how to maximize your results? This is the perfect service to help you get the knowledge and accountability to have the best success in your job search.

Get Actionable Steps To:

  • Search for multiple job opportunities by using simple techniques to extend your search criteria.
  • Write a targeted resume that gets the attention of hiring managers.
  • Include the necessary components of a cover letter; while walking the hiring manager through a relevant synopsis of your value.
  • Drive recruiters to your LinkedIn profile, so that you can increase engagement from hiring managers.
  • Market and brand your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn for fast action from hiring managers; so that you can get an interview.
  • Get the exact words you can use to engage your LinkedIn network.

(1) Weekly Strategy Session for four weeks | All Access | Zoom Meetings | 1-4 Group Setting