How To Start A Job Search

Looking for a new workplace to call home is never easy. Even if you have decided that it’s time for you to move on to bigger and better it… just isn’t easy. There is so much you have to consider. “What type of work environment works best for me?” How important is work-life balance?” “Am I willing to take a pay cut?” “How far is too far to drive?” The list goes on and on. I just stressed myself out thinking about the million plus questions you have to ask yourself when entering the job market….and I am not looking for job! Geesh!!!

Start Here

Knowing where to start the job searching process can sometimes be the most overwhelming part. There are countless resources out there and a lot of them lead to dead ends. Learn to position yourself to win. There is an order to this madness; and it is golden! Check out my Top 5 avenues to a new career below:

Tapping into your Network


Tell your friends that you are in the market for a new job. Find out if they have heard of any roles on the horizon at their company. If they have been with their company for a while they are sure to have some pull and may be able to put a word in for you with their Talent Department. Companies actually prefer to hire referrals over outsiders.

Organizations/ Alumni Associations/ Religious Affiliations

Make a list of every organization that you are apart of. Pull all of your close connections aside within those groups. Setup a few coffee dates and let them know that you are looking to make a career move. You have to be ready and willing to invest a little. People like to feel valued and a $3 coffee can go a long way….. Could very well be your ticket to your next career. Always bring something to the table. Too often we get stuck in the “what can you do for me syndrome”… epic fail.

Linkedin/Facebook/Other Social Media

Linkedin is your direct access to every company and their hiring managers. If you do not have a Linkedin account…Get One! Take a professional headshot, and make sure that your profile highlight is top notch. It is worth is to spend a little time, or hire someone to make sure that your linkedin page is marketing your background just as well as your resume. Make a list of at least 5 companies that you would like to target and get active. Start reaching out and making connections. Its easier to connect when you have something in common. Like, maybe a lot of people from your college work there or they are currently in a role that you eventually want to grow into. It’s worth it to pay the upgrade Linkedin monthly fee when you are in the job market.

If you are active on Facebook tell your friends and family that you are looking for a new job! Post your qualifications. Talk about your accomplishments. Let them know what role you see yourself in. You have nothing to lose here. You’d be surprised at how many and how quickly people jump in to offer help. “My company is looking for …” “I saw that such and such was hiring for a …” Take a leap of faith and ask. Most companies offer referral bonuses so that is an incentive to want to point someone in the direction of an open role. Who knows, maybe your Facebook buddy is stressed the heck out because they are understaffed at his job and he is willing to refer all who are interested. You don’t know if you don’t ask!


I firmly believe in leaving a good mark behind. Ex-Coworkers are a great source when it comes to finding out about companies that are hiring. Think about it…its all one big chain. You are not reaching out to them to go backwards your reaching out to them because of what they have heard and who they know. They have friends who know people who are hiring. If you were a great employee when they worked with you they will be more than happy to refer you to positions that they have heard about or even tell their friends that they know someone that they use to work with who was an excellent employee who is in the job market. Call them, text them, email them, reach out!!

Job Boards

Ok, so job boards is last for a reason…it’s antiquated!!! It is very hard to get job boards to work for you. Yes, companies still use them, but there are 2,000 other applicants applying to “your” position and you better have a stellar resume that is suited to get past the Automatic Tracking System (ATS) to get you to step one which is the recruiters desk. In order to be effective in applying for jobs using a job board you have to be skilled at inserting “EXACTLY” what the hiring manager is looking for. You have to be just what they imagined when they created the requisition, wrote the description, and posted the position. You just have to fit.

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