How To Control The Interviewing Process

Waiting on a call back after an interview can prove to be one of the most stressful parts of the job search process. The key to not losing all your hair…is setting yourself up with the expectation of what’s to come.

"No, I don’t have any questions right now."… WRONG! 

Always have questions even when you think they have all been answered

How many times have you interviewed and when asked, “Do you have any questions?” you simply stated, “No, I don’t have any questions right now. You answered everything for me.”… WRONG! First of all, you should always have questions. It shows that you are really interested in the company. Second, asking questions is the window to a lot of things you are in the dark about. After all…you do not work there. Not only are you auditioning for the company; the company is auditioning for you. Take that as an opportunity to probe the interviewer for insight on what you could possibly be getting yourself into. Consider asking questions like, “How long is training for me to get acclimated to the new role? What would you say for you is the greatest thing about working for this company (insert company name)?”

Asking this simple question could open the flood gates of information. 

Find out when the position needs to be filled

If you want to have a slight piece of mind while you go through the hiring process; ask the hiring manager this question, “When are you expecting to have this role filled by?” Asking this simple question can open the flood gates of information. This will give you a timeline of what you should do next. If the hiring manager tells you that they are hoping to have the position filled within the next two weeks, then you know that you need to be aggressive in your follow-up and reach out very soon after the interview…possibly the next day, and two days after that. However, if you find out that they are looking to fill the role some time during the next 3 months you can spread your follow-up calls out a little bit more and not be to pesty.. (Yep, I created that word, lol, I can do that.. The joys of being the author of your own blog..hehee)

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