If you are continuously submitting your resume and no one is calling you back… would say it is time you get a professional involved.

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My services affect change in the lives of career + business professionals by helping them to create a brand that drives results.

You are here visiting this site because you are in a place in your career where you know you want more, however you are not quite sure how to go about getting it. No longer are you willing to let the fear of the unknown continue to hold you back in your career any longer. You are sick of not hearing back from hiring managers for an interview. You think you have a good resume but you have never got the advice of a professional for validation. You know that your career brand needs work and a story to back it up!

Imagine submitting your branded resume over to recruiters and being and your phone begins to ring off the hook with interview request...

 How would it feel to be fully prepared for your interview. Being fully able to answer the question from a place of knowledge and confidence combined? Then you receive multiple offers that you are able to lay out on the table and negotiate to the benefit of you and your family? Maybe you are already with your dream company but instead of being passed up once again for the promotion they choose you. How would it feel for this to be your reality?

I have helped other job seekers get into their dream company after years of submitting an application on their own...

Sometimes the interview jitters will ruin your opportunity before you have a shot at proven your value. Having a professional to you run through a Mock Interview scenario proved to be golden time and time again. The one thing that my clients love most about working with me is the accountability and that I am hands on. We work to create a brand with a voice that commands attention. Whether you are seeking a promotion, looking for a new job, need help in the interview process, or want to maximize your offer, this is what I do best! Ask the other 2K plus individual who depend on me as a resource.

Resume Analysis

Your resume is your ENTRY-POINT!

If you are continuously submitting your resume and no one is calling you back… I would say it is time you get a professional involved.

Resume Analysis Includes

Detailed information about what you need to change to have an effective resume

Plan of action to implement a new resume strategy

Custom insights, suggestions, recommendations, and action plans to help take your career to the next level!

Resume Revision

Are you having problems with getting recruiters or hiring managers to call you for an interview?

It is your resume! You will receive a keyword optimized resume designed to help you get passed (ATS) Automatic Tracking Systems. An ATS is how your resume  ultimately ends up on a recruiters desk.

Resume Revision Includes

Complete Analysis of your resume along with clarity on the direction of your career.

Accomplishments and skills are what draw the hiring manager’s attention to your resume.

Your resume will be written and designed to speak the language of your industry and use the keywords that recruiters look for.

Aligning your previous and current role helps to establish your brand, which establishes your career story.

You will receive your resume in MS Word – highlighted to hint at areas you should consider updating before submitting to a targeted role. As well as in PDF format so that you can send your resume to anyone.

Mock Interview

Does interviewing make you queasy? Does the hiring process stop after the interview?

If you’re not a person that can walk into an interview and confidently sell your skills and experience, this service is for you.

We will have a 45 min interview session designed around your ideal job. You will answer top interview questions that you are likely to be faced with in your interview.

After the interview I will create an interview analysis based on the answers you gave and what the hiring manager is looking for you to say.

Benefits of A Mock Interview

Learn how to answer interview questions with the answer the hiring manager is looking for.

A mock interview will help level out your interview stress and to build confidence.

Our virtual face-to face interview will help me to score you on both your verbal and non-verbal communication.

Your analysis will include a copy of our 45 min interview simulation of an actual job interview.

A report of detailed feedback along with tips to improve.

30 Days with Tea Cooper

Are you considering entering the job market and are not quite sure how to maximize your results? This is the perfect service to help you get the knowledge and accountability to have the best success in your job search.

Get Actionable Steps

Search for multiple jobs opportunities, by using simple techniques to extend your search criteria.

Write a targeted resume that gets the attention of hiring managers.

Include the necessary components of a cover letter; while walking the hiring manager through a relevant synopsis of your value.

Drive recruiters to your LinkedIn profile, so that you can increase engagement from hiring managers.

Market and brand your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn for fast action from hiring managers; so that you can get an interview.

Get the exact words you can use to engage your LinkedIn network.