“10 Ways to Networking Your Way Into A Career”

So reports are out for July 2017, and the unemployment rate is at an all-time low of 4.3 percent. Companies are hiring and putting people to work. That doesn’t mean however that they are not aiming for the pick of the litter. You are still going to need to get their attention and work for that opportunity to land a position with your ideal company. So, where are these jobs? Why don’t you know who is hiring?

I have put together a list of different ways that you can get in front of the job opportunities out there.

  • Practice Meeting New People:  Most of us are extremely apprehensive about meeting new people. Meeting new people can prove to offer a wealth of benefits. No, that’s not to say that there is not value in your current circle, but what it does say is that expanding your horizons gives you a much greater reach. You would be surprised to see what career opportunities and insights can come from a simple, “hello”.
  • Tackle Your Immediate Network: If you are truly trying to get hired and explore opportunities your immediate network is your first point of reference. Go through your cell phone contacts and reach out to your friends and family and let them know you are in the market for any opportunities that they come across. That is immediate insight. Some of us shy at the fact of reaching out to our network because we “don’t want others in our business”, however the fact remains that our “Net worth is in our Network.”
  • Take Advantage of Events: Sometimes you don’t feel like socializing after a long day of work or tedious chores on your to do list. Go to the hiring events, job fairs, or even the fun happenings around town. There are plenty of people to meet. Just be natural in your approach when it comes to speaking with individuals. Make every effort to connect but definitely don’t try too hard.
  • Get Active in Your Alumni Groups: When is the last time you have reached out to the alumni association where you graduated high school from? What about college? Have you connected with the alumni board at the college or colleges that you paid thousands upon thousands of dollars to earn your degree from? The alumni association will prove to be a gold mine of connections. It doesn’t take much to become active. Try sending a simple hello and start communicating on the alumni boards. Get involved with the initiatives.
  • Reach Out Directly: Visit the site for each company that you are interested in working for and go to their career page. Now, this can be extremely taxing on the brain but it pays off. See if there is an email for inquires and send your resume and cover letter to that address bypassing applying for the job through the applicant tracking system  (ATS). Even better pick up the phone and call the company. Ask the operator if you could speak with someone in HR. Yes, the answer will probably be no and you’ll be redirected to apply online. I encourage you to be nice yet persistent and request an email address for a contact in HR even if it is a general inbox. This gets your resume in front of a person and out of the  (ATS).
  • Dominate Linkedin: Linkedin is one of the most valuable tools that you could have at your disposal. You have the ability to be able to connect with your dream companies DIRECTLY. For an added fee you are also able to get email addresses and contact phone numbers.  Its simple to get noticed on Linkedin. Just start being active. Post, Like, share, and recognize other’s milestones and accomplishments…Have a meaningful presence.
  • Staffing Firm Support: Reaching out to a staffing firm can be extremely valuable. They have tools and resources that you can utilize to brush up on your skillset as well as learn new skills. The recruiters are able to gain insider information on what’s happening in the market and what  hiring needs are trending in the local companies. When using a staffing firm you have to remember that you have one shot to make a lasting impression on the recruiter; that will make them want to pitch you to their clients. One shot that is all.
  • Be a Passive Seeker: So maybe you are not in the market for a job at the time. That is fine as well. However, you want to make sure that you remain vigilant and keep your resume ready to go. The biggest problem that most job seekers run into when it is time to look for a job is “resume preparation”. Things were going great on the job so you didn’t feel the need to keep your resume ready to submit. If you stay ready you don’t have to get ready. You’ll never truly know your worth if you don’t get in front of other hiring managers. Sometimes you just want to feel valued and wanted. Nothing says that more than another company knocking  at your door for an unsolicited interview.
  • Consider Self Development or A Career Coach: In order to master what we are not great at sometimes we have to reach out to others for help in order to push us to the next level. Our trainers at the gym show us how to mold our bodies more efficiently then we would on our own.  Our vehicle service departments help us keep our vehicles intact so that we can reach point A to Z.  A Career Coach is no different; we help individuals market their background and present themselves as a brand enticing hiring managers to want to get in front of them. It’s a new day and no longer are the days where you could just submit an ok resume and expect your phone to ring off the hook for interviews. Hiring managers are expecting  to see a polished resume and a polished individual to follow. Unless you have a background in recruiting and have studied countless hours on hiring and interview trends….looking for a job is much harder without assistance. Get with a professional to review your resume and complete mock interviews.
  • Social Media is Key: There are so many social media platforms out there. Make sure that when you are looking that you put feelers out there with your followers. Ask them if they know who is hiring. Do a search for local job groups within your city on your social media accounts i and request to join. Often times, if maintained appropriately, these job groups have a wealth of information on companies that are hiring. I have seen hiring managers engage in those groups and post their active searches. Here is a hint: Post your Resume Summary or Highlight detailing who you are, how many years of experience you have in your area of specialty, what industries you have worked in, and if possible mention one accomplishment. Make that a daily post on all your active social media accounts and use some hashtags such as jobs, career, and your area of specialty. This works!

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